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Shop Fox Pocket Hole Machine W1833

SKU WS-W1833
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$1,318.48 - $1,318.48
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  • Sick of fussing with your pocket hole machine's hold-down clamp? Our new pocket hole machine has a patented "NO ADJUST" hold-down clamp
  • There has never been a faster or easier-to-use pocket hole machine. Put any thickness material in from 1/2" to 1-1/2" thick and pull the handle
  • You're done. No more wasting time and money adjusting for material thickness
  • You can go from making face frames, casework, drawers etc. without stopping between operations
  • Two or more workers can share the same machine and keep working. Great for pro shops with multiple people using the same machine. Great for hobbyists who like little or NO machine changeover between different woodworking operations
  • Connect multiple machines side by side for ultimate production speed. Set stops on the left machine for wider face frame parts and set the right for narrow
  • Again, no adjustment needed for greater production speed and simplicity

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